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Farr Better Supply offers  personal service, premium product and competitive pricing to principals, teachers and students in the Western and Eastern regions of Kentucky.  In 1938, Boyce McElya founded the company in order to provide high school students with the opportunity to buy class rings and graduation supplies.  At that time there were only a handful of companies that manufactured these specialized products and Boyce McElya distributed, sold and promoted them in Western and Eastern Kentucky.  


The company's goal was to provide hands on personal service to schools so teachers and principals wouldn't have to take time from their busy day to do it themselves.  For years, Boyce traveled from school to school, taking ring orders and invitation orders.  In 1963, Boyce McElya called upon his brother-in-law, Bill Farr to help him with his fast growing business.  At that time Bill Farr introduced yearbooks to schools. In 1976 Bob Farr joined in to assist his father.


Over the years, the company has evolved from one manufacturer to another, continuing to search for the most premium product at a competitive price. Today Farr Better Supply uses a number of manufacturers in order to provide a full array of products that every school needs. We can provide them with class rings, graduation supplies, fund raisers and yearbooks.  Not only does Farr Better Supply service high schools, it also provides service to middle and elementary schools as well. 


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