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We appreciate your order, however your ring can not be manufactured until a payment is made.  You can either pay a minimum deposit to get your order started or pay for the ring in full.


There will be a $6.00 shipping fee added to your ring and it will be shipped to your home.  If you are ordering from a school where you received a flyer and we deliver, you can use the coupon code: SCHOOLFS. This will waive the shipping fee and your ring will be delivered to the school along with the other rings that were ordered on Ring Order Day.  Keep in mind, if you are not ordering until several weeks after Ring Order Day, there is a potential risk that your ring may not be delivered until well past the others and you may prefer to have it mailed.


Select the appropriate paypal button to indicate how much you wish to pay at this time.  




You will see an option to enter a "Note to Seller" when you are making your payment.  Please click, "Add Note" and enter your Student Name and the name of your School, for example, "John Doe - National Middle School".  This way we can match your payment with your order!


If you only wish to pay a minimum deposit you will be sent an email that will direct you to a link where you can pay in full when the ring is ready.  Please allow 8 weeks for your custom ring to be produced.  You will be sent this email twice, once now, and again when your ring is completed.  If for some reason, you cannot find this link in your emails, click here to be directed to where you can pay the balance due on your ring.


$40.00 Minimum Deposit

$105.00 Payment in Full

(includes $6.00 Shipping Fee)

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